The SmartReloader SR777 Bench Rest Case Trimmer features a steel body and steel precisley machined parts for an accurate and...
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Redding's collet style trimmer is unique in that the case turns while the cutter remains stationary (like a lathe works)....
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No other case trimmer in this price range features a micro-adjustable cutting head! Based on the proven design of our...
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Hornady Hornady Cam-Lock Trimmer Power Adapter Firebrick Hornady Hornady Cam-Lock Trimmer Power Adapter Dim Gray
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The power adapter for your Cam-Lock™ Trimmer allows you to use a battery-operated screwdriver instead of muscle power to drive...
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$54.50 $52.80
The most noteworthy feature of the Model #2400 Case Trimming Lathe is the new Micrometer which adds precision and repeatability...
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